My First Labor and Delivery Story (induction and epidural)

My oldest daughter was born February 2nd 2016 around noon, one day after her due date. Let me start at the beginning…

On February 1st I went in for my normal check-up and I wasn’t progressed very far, I believe I was 2 CM. she suggested I schedule to come in for an induction the following morning at 3 am, which I did schedule and she did a membrane sweep. I left and went to lunch with my parents and sister-in-law at 5 guys. I remember walking across the parking lot and feeling so much pain and pressure that I wasn’t going to make it to the restaurant. I came home and tried to nap but kept getting cramps every 8-10 minutes, that started at noon and it was 4 pm. I decided to call the nurse and she told me to come in, it was after 5 pm when I arrived, my husband met me there from work. they hooked the monitors up and said I wasn’t contracting but I kept telling them the monitor had slipped off but they didn’t care to listen to me. So they called my OB and she told them to admit me and if I didn’t progress by 4 am to start the pitocin drip but to get me up walking around right away. I kept after them but they kept saying that they couldn’t find the mobile monitor to keep check on the baby. They never did let me get up and walk.

The contractions had subsided a bit, but I was still feeling uncomfortable. Around 3:30 AM 2 nurses came in to check my progression and I had progressed to 3 CM. I went to pull my self up in the bed and my water broke. I said ummmm I think my water broke and they said no it didn’t. I said yes it did. they kept arguing with me saying it was just the stuff they use to check you coming out. Finally they checked and said OH MY your water did break! (*eye roll*) I said great I’m progressing now I don’t have to get the pitocin! They said your doctor said to start it at 4 AM. I kept telling them that was if I wasn’t progressing and they wouldn’t call my doctor to ask about it. So by 5 AM I was hooked up to all the machines and medicine and I was naturally contracting all ready and then the pitocin kicked it. IT. WAS. PURE. TORTURE.

I had made up in my mind I was not gonna have the epidural. I didn’t have time to get use to the pain, it literally came full force 60 seconds apart and 60 seconds long, some were overlapping, when one was trailing off another was already started. I was only 4 CM. By this time it was about 6:45 AM, my doctor had already been in and talked to me and my parents were with me and my husband. I was so exhausted. I caved. I didn’t cry from the pain, not once. I teared up asking for the epidural though because I thought my mom (had me and my brother all natural and had back labor) and husband would be disappointed in me (crazy right?!). At 7 Am I got the epidural and felt instant relief.

I had visitors in and out at this point and at 11 AM they checked me and I was 6 CM and freezing and shivering from the epidural. They told me at this time that when she was born my husband couldn’t cut the cord and they had to rush her out because when my water broke they noticed she made a bowel movement. so unless she took the first breath on her own I’d only get to look at her for a second before she was gone. They put the peanut ball between my legs and kept rolling me from side to side (like a beached whale). At about 11:45 AM my doctor checked me and said well your ready to push and I seriously said out loud “No I’m not” like I had a choice. then everyone left except my husband and they started prepping the room.

At 12 PM I started to push and I couldn’t believe how easy it was (thanks epidural). 3 pushes later she was born at 12:13 PM. They said she was adorable, lifted her up for me and my Hubby to see and then my doctor headed to the door. she was almost at the door and my baby let out the loudest cry I had ever heard, she brought her back laid her on my chest, suctioned her mouth out and cleaned her up. she was and still is so perfect! I had to get cut to avoid forceps, which I did not feel at the time but after owwwwww! Definitely ask for a ice pack pad and take the medicine (will also help with the contractions you have after) you won’t regret it.

I would go back and do it all again every thing was worth it. I was blessed to not have any side effects from the epidural and that me and my baby were happy and healthy. No matter how scared you are before you go in labor the moment its happening its like a calmness and strength comes over you that you never knew you had. Mamas are so much stronger then I ever realized.


Stay tuned for my 2nd daughters labor and delivery story (all natural)


Remember, Stay humble. Stay kind.



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